My offering for the BBQ

My offering for the BBQ

My Rs wasn’t working, I got Pok & Pot… but being early in the morning, with coffee, my unusually alert self recognised the error and rectified it.

BTW my Rs is working, all to well. I have diarhea again. After severe deep volcanic disturbances through the night, my tectonic plate has stopped moving. Hopefully, no more eruptions disruptions after two days of suffering.

I read that two out of five people suffer from diarhea frequently; I can only assume that the other three enjoy it…

Yesterday, during my regular after lunch Nap-fu practice, I was subjected to the fumes of BBQ wafting through my my bedroom window. This needed investigating. I discovered that friends had set up the botequim BBQ right in front of my house. I strode over to complain in typical Brazilian fashion; “Why wasn’t I invited?”

I duly was.

So returning home, I got my ciggies and a bottle of Ruby Port and returned. One of the kids had provided a seat from the bar and made space for me at the table, and that was the end of Saturday.

After all the discussion in the last posts, I finally have a clear idea about slugs.

Slugs are a url extension

Slugs are a url extension

Apparently of use to SEO, which I ignore anyway; can’t be bothered with all that crap, besides I don’t understand it. Anything I don’t understand is unnecessary crap.

Big surprise yesterday. My neighbour (another one) called me over the fence. The Mystery of the Missing Kittens was solved. Kitty, apparently, mistrusts the people at home as much as I do. She didn’t have the kittens at home, but in a dark corner of the neighbour’s carport. Three white and light tan and a black & white. The light coloured ones look like little cups of café au lait

I had hoped to have a photo today, but it appears the neighbours have already gone out.

So if you like this post, the nice yellow one, click Like

So if you like this post, the nice yellow one, click Like

I saw a blog yesterday, a post had 433 ‘Likes’

How do they do it?

Makes my crowing about 18 seem rather pathetic.

There’s something I’m not doing right…

Or something I am doing that’s incredibly wrong.

At least my likers are there, supporting my humble efforts.

The day is fine, sunny and cool still; rather than the vagaries of yesterday of hot flushes and cold shoulder.

I have nothing planned for the day, I expect it to be another successful day… doing nothing.

I took the bull by the proverbail horns yesterday and did the dishes while I was making lunch. In the evening I was faced with a sink full of dishes again. Where do they come from? I think this is a conspiracy plot.

A new report. People who subscribe to conspiracy theories like JFK and 9/11 are more sane than the anit-conspiracy theorists. The antis, have their own rabid views that they rant and vent their spleens over, while the sane people don’t have a view, they just want the truth. This means I am closer to being sane than I thought.

I have three notes on my scrap of paper of things I could write about. The problem is, I can’t read them.

A Dutchman, 91, has returned his Holocaust medal to the Israelis. He earned the medal for saving a Jewish child during WWII from the Nazis. This latest tantrum killed six of his extended family members in an Israeli bombing raid. “to hold on to the honour granted to me by the State of Israel under these circumstances, would be an insult… to those in my family, four generations on, who lost no less than six of their relatives in Gaza.” Good on him, a man of principles. The world needs more examples like this.

Well, I should blog along. Still lots to do… then a whole day of nothing.