Yesterday, I had left myself 40 minutes, today is worse, I have 20.

I spent all my energey on my first post of the day. Eco-Crap – CTWW – Population I started the post at 2am and after going back to bed finally finnished it at 9am; that’s when I ran out of steam coffee. It’s a post that borders on heresy and is certainly radical; dealing with our delusion of progress in relation to the Population vs the environment. It’s subject matter that I have espoused before, but I get a little heavy about it in this post. The opening of the post deals with my recent Montezuma’s Revenge and how I feel about water..

The rest of today was spent, paying my rent, a leisurely lunch and subsequent Nap-fu practice on returning home, which brings me to this late hour in the day, and 20 10 minutes before I hit the panic button.

I had a mishap earlier. I inadvertantly deleted two blogs that I follow. I caught myself before the damage was even greater. The problem is, that I don’t know which blogs I deleted from my follows list. My trigger finger was too quick. So, if you find yourself thinking, “That clown unfollowed me!” Don’t get all bitter and twisted, or start having self-doubts about your blog, just let me know in comments somewhere along the line so that I can rectify my momments madness.

Five minutes…

Yesterday was the 19th. It marked the day when the political bullshit officially starts for the elections for president and state governors. It’s going to be a pain in the arse. It also means that we are subjected nightly to obligatory (on all channels simultaneously) polical broadcasts. They are not so much electioneering as brainwashing.

Two minutes… and that’s about how long it will take Beep Beep Boop!


Oh dear, this post is lop sided. Both images on the right. I must admit that it’s not a really balanced post, but what can you do in 20 minutes.