Leaving Normal SignAs one gets older, one leaves normal behind. Life becomes filled with eccentricities and you need more and more coffee.

This morning’s ghost post was an example, then I had to make the Boob post, and admit my mistake.

It was all down to no coffee at 2am.

I am always looking for little ways to improve my lot. The other day at the supermarket I saw a little display of herbs and remedy thingies. amongst them was ervas silvestres (wild herbs) Jasmine, hmmm, jasmine tea might be nice for a change.

Last night, I got the urge for something different, I cracked open the jasmine. Hmmm, not that impressed, looked like old age yellowed kapock. Okay, into the water to steep, strained off into a cup. Hmmm, not impressed, tasted like old kapock too. Bloody vile stuff. Wild, I say I was wild, R$3 for old kapock.



I did learn something from the experience. Googling an image, I discovered kapock grows on trees…

Now, was that worth the R$3…

I have been enlightened.

All I previously knew before was that kapock was used for stuffing things, mattresses, pillows, old dolls and the like.

My knowledge of kapock has just doubled. I am a wiser man.

This morning Kitty appeared at the door after two days absence with a flabby post partum belly. She’s had her kittens; presumably at home. She came in  had a feed, a pet, and left. I had washed Clorinha’s milk and meat dishes, but the dry food was still there.

Looks like Israel has really done it this time. Anti-Semitism had been on a steady rise throughout Europe, now it is no longer steady, but increasing wildly since their latest attacks on Palestine. Talk about making a rod for their own backs.

I too, will raise the Palestinian flag

I too, will raise the Palestinian flag

Somewhere, I forget where, in Britain the council had hoisted a Palestinian flag in memory of the latest victims. However, the local Jewish community came out in arms over this manifestation; they are not happy. Indeed they were hostile about the gesture, which to me just goes to show the nature of things.

If you are offended, I will explain. Israel has the right to defend itself, but not the wholesale slaughter that rained on Gaza, that was heading toward genocide.

I agree with the call for a total arms embargo on Israel.

Russia has opened a can of worms. They have banned all food and produce imports from countries that have been responsible for the sanctions against them. This could backfire, the missing produce will hurt the Russians more than the other countries.

To make matters worse Brazil’s blonde bimbo (president) is rubbing her hands with glee hoping to fill the gap with Brazilian exports to Russia. This could also backfire, if Brazil breaks the sanctions of EU countries and USA, they might well turn against Brazil.

Lunch today, weinerschnitzel… again.

My weekend has started. No classes today, so I will in all probability crack open a bottle of wine with lunch.

Blogging right along.