I have almost finished blogging for the day, I have seen the best part of a thermos of coffee, I have napped with the help of the able bodied Cloro, I scared the hell out of the kitchen by doing the dishes (I can report that the bottom of the kitchen sink is still there) and I have cooked and eaten lunch.

Now, I am sitting here sweating. The day is muggy, not hot-hot, but hot enough to be seriously considering beer o’clock.

What a pratt!

What a pratt!

Yesterday, I googled beaver butt for a post on Eco-Crap, guess what I got… Stupid google sent me ‘bieber butt’. Somebody’s got their algorithms in a twist. I have absolutely no interest in Bieber, and even less in his butt.

I see JP Morgan got fined $92,000,000 for conveniently losing $8,000,000,000. Nobody was responsible, nobody went to jail. In my opinion along with the fine they should have had to make the $8bn reappear. Some wanker banker is laughing his privates off and is $8bn richer. Come on, $8bn just doesn’t disappear. It is shit like this that makes me wonder where our world is headed… and I don’t imagine it is a pretty place.

Cloro has decided that it’s fun to help daddy tie his boot laces. Doing up one’s boot laces with a kitten dangling on the end is no mean task. Today, I was on the phone talking to my bossette, and he decides to take the elevator straight up my legs, shorts and T-shirt. I caught him in one arm, and he just looks at me innocently like ‘cuddle-time?’. Here I am on the phone doing my best not to scare my bossette with a blood-curdling yell that one usually associates with such pain and he wants a cuddle.

I am beginning to think the human race is like the lemmings and their annual migration over the cliff to certain demise. Everybody is racing to Japan. A Kennedy daughter is about to become ambassador, Japan is still a top tourist destination, and the Olympic games are going to be there. I wouldn’t send a pox-ridden penis to Japan with the current radiation problems. And yesterday they had another earthquake in the region, not big enough nor close enough to do further damage, but I bet some Japanese sphincters were quivering.

News has started, time to migrate to the botequim and watch it there while I nurse my bloodily scratched legs.