BPgoldYes, it’s another day off.

I have had lunch. I gutted some sausages, chopped some onion, tomato and made patties. It was a lazy man’s lunch, because I am feeling lazy today; well, lazier than most days.

I am sitting her quaffing a Brazilian beer called Black Princess; which goes well with the stiffling heat.

My fan is working like crazy, blowing hot air over me.

Exciting things I’ve done today: I’ve washed the dishes, watered the plants and eaten two white guava for breakfast. I have also has a successful morning posting on blogs, this is the second last.

No classes today, so I should indulge in some Nap-fu practice.


Today some net sites are slow. It is part of the protest against FCC fast lanes depriving us small people of speed.

anigifIf you feel stronlgly about this then visit their site.

Today, my Eco-Crap CTWW post was about spreading the ‘green’ word. Hop on over to CTWW and check it out. You may find it interesting.

Now for a beauty. I have never seen a volcano begin its eruption before. I have seen volcanoes erupting, but never this

Pretty awesome. Especially the shock wave above and later the sound and shock reaches the boat.

Found here.

The Japanese are fools. Looks like they’re going to restart some of their nuclear reactors. After Fukushima, you’d think they had learned something, but oh no!

Interesting question. Where’s Heaven?

stairs-to-heaven-1Posted on a religious type blog. For me heaven is not a place, it’s a feeling. A knowing that I have lead a decent life and won’t be subject to the hell fires.

The stairs to heaven are each day in our day in our lives.

I am an atheist, heaven and hell don’t exist as physical planes, rather they are what we do and don’t do in our allotted spans here in the physical world.

The beer has gone, I’m off… you know where.